Researchers find an intact, spectacular 10,000-year-old figurine

Another discovery that will help rewrite history? The mysterious statuette which is believed to be some 10,000 years old was found in one a massive Neolithic and Chalcolithic proto-city settlement located in southern Anatolia, Turkey. Experts have come across a fascinating discovery in Turkey as archaeologists unearth a marble figurine believed to be some 10,000 […]


Doctors murdered after discovering cancer enzymes in vaccines

A wave of mysterious deaths continues to plague practitioners in the field of holistic medicine, including chiropractors, herbalists and other alternative healers. Some of the deaths have been tied to research involving nagalase, an enzyme/protein made by cancer cells and viruses that cause immunodeficiency syndromes and autism. Renowned autism specialist, Dr. James Jeffrey Bradstreet, was […]


The Genesis Project: Bringing life and accelerating evolution on other planets

A new study contemplates the possibility of sending unmanned micro spacecraft to uninhabited planets elsewhere in the universe and seeding life on them. In miniature spacefaring genetic laboratories, researchers propose we should seed life on uninhabited exoplanets. But if we are contemplating today on ‘seeding’ life on uninhabited exoplanets in the universe, is it not […]


Who Owns the Zika Virus?

First published in February 2016, this incisive article by Guillaume Kress is of extreme relevance in relation to unfolding events. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Zika virus a global health emergency on February 1st, 2016 without providing much detail on the disease. So here are some facts until we receive more information: This […]